Speed-Quote Walgreens Edition

Apptastic Software has partnered with Walgreens to create a custom version of Speed-Quote.

Speed-Quote Walgreens Edition was designed to reduce the amount of work you will have to do when creating quotes and presenting items to Walgreens category managers.

Speed-Quote Walgreens Edition includes the same easy-to-use interface and basic features of the industry leading Speed-Quote Enterprise Edition, but only includes quote forms specific to Walgreens.

If you would like to quote other retailers - including Walgreens - then consider upgrading to Speed-Quote Enterprise Edition with over 1000 retailer forms. The Enterprise Edition provides client/server networking, and a host of other powerful features.


  • Color Digital Photos - view and print photos of your products directly from the software.
  • Excel Export - save and email your quote sheets in Excel format directly to your buyer.
  • Landed Cost Calculation - automatically calculates landed cost, including all loads and ocean freight rates.
  • UPC/EAN Check Digit Generation - makes sure your UPC and/or EAN check digits are correct.
  • Master Cube Calculation - master cube is automatically calculated based on unit sizes.
  • Unit Conversion - enter your item information in metric or imperial.
  • Management Reports - print summaries of your quotes and product information.
  • Quote Tracking - easily check which products have been quoted.
  • Multiple Databases - create a separate database for each product line or manufacturer. Sales companies can maintain a separate database for each vendor they represent.
  • Quick Search - instantly switch to the product you want to quote.
  • User Defaults - reduces your work by remembering the common information you use.
  • Simple Backup - easily backup your data so your quotes and product information are always safe.
  • "Smart" Printing - automatically checks your printer and paper to insure that your quotes always print perfectly.
  • Internet Updates - automatically get the latest versions of Walgreens forms and rates. Your quotes are updated without having to re-enter information.


  • Microsoft Windows 2000 or later operating system
  • Microsoft Office 2000 or later

Users of Mac computers with Intel processors can run Speed-Quote with a virtual machine. Please see our support section for more information.