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Once you have purchased Speed-Quote Toys "R" Us Edition 2022 below you will receive an activation password by e-mail within 1 business day. This password is unique to your company and will allow you to access the software.

After completing your purchase, you can download the software immediately from the Downloads section.

The cost for Speed-Quote Toys "R" Us Edition 2022 is $100 U.S. The 2022 edition runs from December 1, 2021 to November 30, 2022 and includes critical form updates, software upgrades, and technical support.

2022 Version

Speed-Quote Toys "R" Us Edition is only used for quoting Toys "R" Us. If you would like to quote to other retailers - including Toys "R" Us - consider upgrading to Speed-Quote Enterprise Edition with over 1500 retailer forms.