Customer Reviews

"Apptastic Software is a valuable partner with Mattel/Fisher-Price in supplying software for the generation of quote sheets. The Speed-Quote program is a full enterprise solution; expandable to our offices around the globe. It has the flexibility to pull in product information from various sources, is easy to use for our Customer Service and Sales staff, and needs minimal IT support. It has allowed us to have a successful adoption with the users and has been a great return on investment."

Mattel / Fisher-Price

"The most efficient, quickest and simple way to do your import quotes. No more spending days and nights filling out forms and pasting pictures - this is the real deal."

Mr. Bar-B-Q

"Speed-Quote has allowed us to save money hiring people during our busy season. You can do a customer quote package in 20 minutes instead of 3 - 4 hours. We have used it for over 3 years and each year we are thrilled with the efficiency of the program."

Garden Meadow Inc.

"For 10 years, Speed-Quote has been our favorite sales tool for speed, efficiency, and accuracy."


"We have used Speed-Quote since its inception. It's a terrific piece of software that takes the chaotic process of quoting products and makes it manageable. Moreover, Apptastic is responsive to our needs and requests which translate to frequent software enhancements."

Marsha A. Williams, Systems Analyst, RLA

"Using Speed-Quote has been a great experience and help. The program is also quite simple to use. It is a tremendous benefit in meeting deadlines and last minute presentations. I also would like to add that you have a great customer support team."

Chicco U.S.A.

"Speed-Quote is a magnificent tool that makes quoting timely and stress free. You can effortlessly quote numerous products to several customers in only minutes. It has saved Emerald Innovations, LLC abundant man hours and has made it a more enjoyable place to work by minimizing the stress level of everyone in the office. Speed-Quote and Apptastic has been a great partner, and one that will continue to help our business grow."

Emerald Innovations, LLC

"The most complete, and easiest to use. We are totally satisfied!"

Associated Sales and Marketing

"This is the perfect tool to do your quotes, time saving and cost effective."


"Our Company has been using SpeedQuote for many years and have found it to be an indispensable tool. As our business has grown and we have taken on more Import Lines we have insisted that our new Factories look carefully at buying SpeedQuote as a way to have a turn key Import Quoting department. The learning time is short and our Factories can be up and running in a very short time. My having the program allows me to do quotes when something immediate has to be done or adjusted. We exchange data with our Factories quickly."

Colonial Sales

"How did manufacturers exist before fax machines, email or Speed-Quote from Apptastic?"

Broadway Toys

"Speed Quote absolutely cuts down on time and effort. It saves countless hours of hand writing quotes. It also saves a lot of time by allowing us to have photos applied to the quotes without having to hand cut them and then paste them to the quote sheet."

Cardinal Games

"Customer support is great!"

Irwin Toy

"We have been a customer of Apptastic since practically the beginning of their introduction of their Speed-quote program and can honestly say the experience has been absolutely seamless. The program is simple to use, without flaws, and the customer service excellent. I can highly recommend them as a business partner."

AJL Associates Ltd.

"They are the quote sheet kings!"

Lissi Dolls

"Speed-Quote makes my life easier."

Lance James, SRM Entertainment