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InternetUpdate_32_hil To update Speed-Quote, insure that your computer is connected to the internet and click the Update from Internet button on the main toolbar. Alternatively, you can also select this option from the Tools menu.


Warning        Warning! It is very important to update Speed-Quote Toys R Us Edition from the internet on a regular basis. New versions of the Toys R Us quote forms may be released, rates may change, and the Speed-Quote software is updated periodically. By doing internet updates you will insure that your copy of Speed-Quote always has the latest quote forms, software, and rates.


The update window will indicate the progress of the file downloads. Please be patient during the update process, as this may take several minutes (depending on the speed of your internet connection and the number of files being downloaded).


Speed-Quote will remind you to update periodically when you run the program.


Internet connection options (such as proxy server, http, and ftp) can be set with the Internet Settings option from the Tools menu (or using the Preferences window under the Internet Updates tab).