Update from master

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Update from master

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UpdateFromMaster_32_hil  To refresh products with information from the Master Entry Sheet, click the Update from Master button on the main toolbar. Alternatively, you can also select this option from the Format menu.


When retailer products are first created, they are filled as much as possible with information from the Master Entry Sheet. After creation, you are free to manually override any fields that were filled by the Master. Update from Master allows you to re-fill the product with the information from the Master Entry Sheet (which may have changed since the product was created).


For the example below, we will manually change the Contact to "David Stephenson" and the Fax to "613-555-1212". The background color of these fields changes to yellow, indicating that the information is now different from the Master Entry Sheet.


650 TRU Master Override


If we wanted to update the product with the information contained on the Master Entry Sheet, we can do so by clicking the Update from Master button. As you can see below, our manual changes are replaced by the information from the Master. Since the Contact on the Master is "Aaron McCaffrey", and the Fax is "613-749-6910", this is what the product now displays. The background color of these fields is also changed to white, indicating that there is no conflict with the values on the Master.


650b TRU Master Override


Even though the Master Entry Sheet lists "amccaffrey@speed-quote.com" as the Contact Email, even after performing an Update from Master the Contact Email remains "support@apptastic.com". This is because the Contact Email is set to "support@apptastic.com" by default (indicated by the blue background color). If any defaults have been set for the retailer sheet, these defaults override the information that comes from the Master. The order of information flowing into a retailer product can be illustrated as follows:


030 Information flowchart


There is another way you can update information from the Master without overwriting all your manual changes. You can update a single field with Master information by clicking with the right mouse button on it.


650c TRU Master Override


In the example above, the Contact is colored yellow indicating a difference from the Master. From the right click popup menu, you can see that the Master Entry Sheet contains "Aaron McCaffrey" for this field. Click the Use Master Value "Aaron McCaffrey" option to change "David Stephenson" to "Aaron McCaffrey".