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Master picture

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To change pictures on the Master Sheet, simply click on the picture box. A popup menu will appear allowing you to Load Picture, or if you already have a picture to Delete Picture.


Load Picture brings up a standard file requestor window. Speed-Quote can load pictures in BMP (Bitmap) or JPG (Jpeg) formats. If the picture you are loading is extremely large, it can be re-sized to save space and improve performance of the program (reducing load times for products). How pictures are re-sized is controlled by the preferences settings.


Delete Picture will remove the picture from the Master Sheet. Unless you override the picture for a retailer product, it will automatically use the picture of the corresponding Master product. As a result, when you delete the picture for a Master product it will also be removed for any retailer products that refer to it.


At the bottom of the popup menu will see the Picture Size indicated in pixels (horizontal x vertical). Pictures with more detail print well, but will be larger and slower to send in electronic formats. To keep picture size reasonable, you can set a preference for maximum picture resolution.


The rotate picture options allow you to correctly orient the picture.