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Export products

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SendEmail_32_hil To output selected products in electronic formats, click the Export Products button on the main toolbar.


You will be presented with the option to export For Buyer or for Internal Use.


Once you have selected For Buyer or for Internal Use, the export options window will appear (as shown below). If you selected For Buyer, only formats supported by that particular Toys "R" Us quote sheet will be available and the Set Status as 'Quoted' option will be enabled. If you selected Internal Use, all electronic formats will be available (regardless if they are suitable for submission to Toys "R" Us) and Set Status as 'Quoted' will be disabled (as shown below).


653 export options


Click on the tab for the electronic format you wish to use, and select among the following options:


Set Status as 'Quoted' - will set the status of every product being exported to Quoted.  This option is available (and enabled by default) if you chose to export For Buyer.
Group Multiple Products  - this option is available for multi-line retailer sheets (meaning that multiple products are exported on a single quote). In these special cases, you still see only one product per quote on screen. When you export, however, you are able to group multiple products on each quote.
Include Pictures - check this option in order to include product pictures on the exported quote.
Create Separate File - will make a new file for each product exported.


When producing quotes for Toys "R" Us U.S. (import or domestic) or .COM, you will be presented with the option to export for TRU EDQ Upload. EDQ is the new Toys "R" Us online portal. Typically you will first submit a quote using Excel export for your buyer. If your buyer subsequently requests that you upload a product to the EDQ system, you may export the product again using the TRU EDQ Upload option in order to create a file for submission to the EDQ online portal.


Warning        Warning!  Please note that at the present time the Toys "R" Us EDQ system only supports uploading one product at a time. So you will need to export each of the products you wish to upload to EDQ separately into their own file.


When producing quotes for Toys "R" Us Canada, you may be requested to use the "Canada Upload Form". This form exports a special PDF file that contains information that can be uploaded to the Toys "R" Us Canada online portal.


When you are finished setting options, click the Export button. From the Save window, select a location on your hard drive where you can easily find the file. Type a name for the export file, and click the Save button. A window will appear with a list of all available products. Check mark all the products in the list that you wish to export, and click the Output Selected Products button.


Before exporting, all the selected products are reviewed. Once the review is complete and all products have been verified, the selected products are exported to file. Locate the file you just created and open it in the appropriate program (such as Microsoft Excel or Adobe Acrobat Reader) to view, send it as an attachment to your buyer (using your preferred e-mail program), or use it to upload to the Toys "R" Us EDQ system or Canada's online portal.


Warning        Warning!  Always check with your buyer to determine acceptable submission formats!


Help        Special Tip!  Apptastic Software is continuing to work with Toys "R" Us to streamline the quote process. If you have any questions, please contact us.