Calculating costs

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Calculating costs

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Speed-Quote can automatically calculate pricing. In the example below, you'll notice that the FOB Cost text is colored blue. This indicates that a calculation will happen when you change this value.


610b TRU Pricing


Whenever you change a field with blue text, a calculation will happen when you press the Enter key or when you exit the field (by pressing the Tab key, or using the mouse to select a different field). In this example, if we type 14 as the First Cost and press the Enter key all the pricing will be re-calculated.


610 TRU Pricing


Help        Special Tip! Toys R Us sheets support multiple ocean freight rates. You must select the appropriate country of origin to insure that the calculations are correct. Always examine retailer sheets carefully for any pricing or country of origin options.


Warning        Warning!  We advise that you check all calculations manually to insure that the landed cost is correct. Remember that Speed-Quote will not check the validity of the numbers you enter, so if the rates or costing values are incorrect your pricing will be wrong. As always, it is your responsibility to verify that all your product information is accurate.