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Apptastic Software provides tools to streamline the information flow between vendors and retailers.

Over 1,000 companies use our software to manage their product information and quoting requirements, gaining significant cost savings from increased efficiency and reduction of errors.

Speed-Quote Enterprise Edition

Over 1000 retailer quote forms

Retailers send you quote forms (usually in Excel format) that you have to fill for each item you submit. These forms all have different formats, but request similar product information.

With Speed-Quote Enterprise software, enter your item information once - then easily produce quotes for hundreds of retailers.

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Speed-Quote Retailer Editions

Custom versions for retail partners

Apptastic Software has partnered with Toys "R" Us to produce a custom version of Speed-Quote.

The Speed-Quote Toys "R" Us Edition contains only quote sheets specific to Toys "R" Us.

More info:  Toys "R" Us

Customer Reviews

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"Apptastic Software is a valuable partner with Mattel/Fisher-Price in supplying software for the generation of quote sheets. The Speed-Quote program is a full enterprise solution; expandable to our offices around the globe. It has the flexibility to pull in product information from various sources, is easy to use for our Customer Service and Sales staff, and needs minimal IT support. It has allowed us to have a successful adoption with the users and has been a great return on investment."

Mattel / Fisher-Price

"The most efficient, quickest and simple way to do your import quotes. No more spending days and nights filling out forms and pasting pictures - this is the real deal."

Mr. Bar-B-Q

"Speed-Quote has allowed us to save money hiring people during our busy season. You can do a customer quote package in 20 minutes instead of 3 - 4 hours. We have used it for over 3 years and each year we are thrilled with the efficiency of the program."

Garden Meadows Inc.

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